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Igniting the Public about Birth

I’m a big fan of Les Mis, American Idol, and the underdog, so it’s no surprise that I’ve watched the Susan Boyle “You Tube” video (with tears in my eyes) a couple of times. I heard on the radio today that her video has gotten over 100 million hits. A hundred million! I can’t help but think, “what is it about this video that has captured the attention of people all over the world?” Why can’t we get the attention of women about the state of birth in this country (and indeed around the world)? I know the research that clearly shows the potential harms of cesarean surgery for the first and for subsequent births. I know that it is harder to recover from major abdominal surgery than from a normal vaginal birth. I know that cesareans have a negative impact on breastfeeding.

Yet, frequently I read blogs from young pregnant women who are hoping for or demanding elective cesarean surgery. With maternal mortality (deaths) and morbidity (illnesses or complications) increasing as the cesarean rate soars, I wonder what it will take to ignite public attention about the state of birth in this country. And, go Susan!

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