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ICEA Conference Prompts Questions

This past week I attended the ICEA convention in Oklahoma City. Just as at the Lamaze Conference, discussion in and outside of the sessions centered around what childbirth educators need to do in order to meet the needs of the pregnant families of today. Some educators see their class population diminishing and assume that childbirth classes are going “out of style.” Yet others say that even our high-tech population needs and wants the face-to-face human interaction and touch that is offered in traditional group classes. These educators still have full classes. If we offer outstanding classes, will word of mouth be enough to send their friends to us? How do we best market classes? Many more questions were asked than answered, as you might guess. Should we offer  short, crash courses? If so, what should be included and what can families learn elsewhere? Are educators staying up-to-date by having websites, and participating in on-line communities? Can we include use of the Internet without excluding face-to-face offerings?

A panel consisting of new and seasoned educators offered points for thought and discussion. I would love for you to hit the comment button and
1. Share your thoughts on any of the above questions.
2. Tell  us if your student population is decreasing, maintaining, or increasing … and why you think that might be.

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