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The Educator’s Guide (DOWNLOAD ONLY)


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The Educator’s Guide provides curriculum guidance and creative teaching ideas for prepared childbirth classes. It is recommended reading for students seeking certification by ICEA and was previously core reading for those seeking Lamaze certification before being replaced by The Lamaze Toolkit, also written by Debby Amis and Jeanne Green. It comes with a complimentary copy of our student handbook, Prepared Childbirth – The Family Way, online access to reproducible handouts, and live links to dozens of valuable web resources.The Educator’s Guide is only available as a digital download.

Section I – Getting Started

Think about your own philosophy of birth. Gain ideas to plan your course design with the help of our ideas and topic outlines. Consider various teaching strategies and learning styles. Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses as a speaker by reviewing our chart of teaching styles and a “vaccine” for visual aids.

Section II – Icebreakers

Review the purpose of Icebreakers and try some of the ones we suggest.

Section III – Evidence

Learn how and where to find the evidence and how to pass the facts along to your students.

Section IV – Teaching Topics

This section is filled with suggested teaching methods, learning activities, visual aids, references, and discussion questions that may be used for topics taught in most childbirth classes. We follow the topics covered in our handbook, Prepared Childbirth–The Family Way, but the suggestions are helpful to educators using any resources. We have included relaxation scripts, birth-ball safety tips, reproducible masters for visual aids, labor station ideas, role-playing ideas, and international and national guidelines for care in normal birth. Hints for teaching about cesarean birth, unexpected outcomes and grieving, breastfeeding, and postpartum are also included in the 207 pages of ideas in this section.

Section V – Evaluation

Here you will find numerous evaluation forms and surveys, with permission granted for you to reprint.

Section VI – Special Classes

The heart of this section contains outlines and activities for meeting the special needs of teen parents, parents of multiples, those in early pregnancy, or those who just need a refresher for a subsequent birth.

Section VII – Resources

This is an extensive resource list, including approximate cost and where to get the things you need to get started or to stay current with your teaching. We include websites of childbirth-related organizations, bookstores, and sources for teaching aids and journals.

Section VIII – Appendix

There is still more we want to share with you here. We give you position papers, articles of interest, and class introduction samples. We also give you options/intervention game cards, and answer keys for our puzzles.

Educator’s Guide Handouts

With the purchase of the The Educator’s Guide, you will have online access to over 50 reproducible handouts plus color illustrations of the stages and phases of labor. Included are masters for creating KEGEL stickers and Informed Decision-Making cards.


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