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I looked at my mail on Saturday and thought to myself how well it summarized my life. The first thing that I read was my summer issue of the Journal of Perinatal Education. This issue features several excellent articles on cesarean surgery. Tamara Kaufman has a helpful article on using clips from the films, Orgasmic Birth and Pregnant in America, in childbirth classes (even hospital classes). These two thought-provoking movies can be purchased from You can also watch Orgasmic Birth for only $1.99 on Amazon’s “video on demand” service. The Journal of Perinatal Education is published by Lamaze International and provided to all Lamaze members. Visit their website at for membership information.

Inside the Lamaze journal was a registration brochure for the Lamaze-ICEA Mega Conference, Uniting for the Future of Birth, scheduled for September 30-October 3, 2010 in Milwaukee. As a longtime member of both organizations, it is so exciting to see these two organizations coming together to celebrate their 50th anniversaries. Jeanne and I will be there as exhibitors for The Family Way Publications and I will be presenting a break-out session, Research Update for Childbirth Educators. We hope to see you there.

The next piece of mail that I read was a new catalog from the Trainers Warehouse. I love teaching “toys” and finding clever new teaching strategies so this is a dangerous (to my pocketbook) catalog for me. Throughout the catalog, you will find “Teaching Tips,” which can be used with or without buying their products. Even if I don’t order anything from a catalog, I often come away with a new idea to try in an upcoming class. Visit their website at

The last piece of mail that caught my attention was another catalog, this one from the Land of Nod. Regular readers will know that I have a two-year old grandson, Charlie, who is the joy of my and my husband’s lives. This is the perfect catalog for an indulgent “Nana.” What fun to look at all the (expensive) products available for babies and young children today.

Hmmm. I wonder what the mail will bring today.

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